SLOVENIAN tasting menu

Spruce smoked trout with water cress 10€

Carrot soup with sour cream from Srednji Vrh 6,5€

Pork fillet with bacon on creamy polenta 18€

Buckwheat cream with white chocolate and lemon 6€


4 course tasting menu 35 eur




 Salmon tartare with dried strawberries 10€

Black cuttlefish risotto with tomatoes 12€

John Dory fillet in parchment paper with vegatbles and olive oil 18€

Panna cotta with aged Grappa 6,5€


4 course tasting menu 39 eur




Beef tartare with herbs and chips 12€

House ravioli with typical sausage and chicory sauce 13€

Vanison shank with raspberries and porcini puree 17€

Fried apple strudel with pistachio 6€


4 course tasting menu 39 eur


   CHEF'S menu

Goulash tartare

Leek with botarga

Chamois soup with rum

Octopus with roasted couliflower and vinegar

Ice tea

Beef tail with prawns and wild garlic

Lamb chops with cherry and stout

Cheese and fruit

Thickened pumpkin oil with carrot and black garlic


5 course tasting menu 45 eur

9 course tasting menu 75 eur



Wellcome from the kitchen 2 eur




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