Amouse bouche

Marinated langoustine with grapefruit and fennel

Creamy peas soup with pancetta and tomato powder

Beef tendorloin with capres, celery and oysters

Vanison fillet with cherry sauce, hazelnuts and potates

White chocolate pie with lime and coconut

Price: 45 eur




Dry meats and cheese with fruits 10€

Roastbeef with pumpkin oil 8€

Beef bouillon with noodles 4€

Mushroom soup with buckwheat porridge 4€

Ravioli with cottage cheese from Srednji Vrh and sage 9€

Local beefsteak with porcini sauce and potatoes 22€

Roasted duck breast with orange jam and celery cream 18€

Cheese souffle with zuccini and pine nuts 12€

Cheesecake with apples and almonds 5€




San Daniele proschiutto with olives 10€

Cod pate with crispy herb bread 8€

Smoked swordfish with parmesan and lemon 9€

Creamy peas soup with prawn in potato dough 6€

Spagetti with spicy tomato souce and mozzarella 9€

Risotto with shrimps, leek and cherry tomatoes 10€

Sea bass fillet with buttery chard and cauliflower puree 17€

Roasted salmon with gren beans and sweet potatoe 17€

Flambeed king prawn with burnt lemon 14€

White chocolate pie with lemon and coconut 5€




Beef tartare with homemade pickles 24€

Smoked duck breast with orange and balsamic vinegar 8€

Gnocci with rosemary and vanison ragout 9€

Beef or veal T-Bone with sides and herb butter 24€

Wiener schnitzel with parsley potatoes and cranberry 23€

Lamb chops with brandy sauce and polenta 23€

Vanison medalions with red wine, onions and bread dumplings 25€

Chocolate souffle with passionfruit and ice cream 6€

Salzburg puffy "Nochekerl" for two persons 14€


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