Amouse bouche

Scallops semi crudo, potato confit with lemon and rosmary, truffel mayonnaise, green peas

Poached trout in olive oil, apple butter sauce, compressed apple with lemon verbena, apple puree

Baked monkfish, pine nuts pesto, broccoli puree, veloute of capres, hazelnuts and chives

Baked beef tenderloin, glazed ribs, garlic puree, glazed carrot, spinach, radishes, demi glace sauce with terragon

Baked lamb back, fried sweetbread, celery and goat cheese terrine, black garlic, young leeks

Chef's dessert

5 course menu: 59€

7 course menu: 69€


Choice of 3 countries dishes


Cold appetizers

 Roastbeef, mustard, watercress 8€

San Daniele prosciutto 10€

Pickled sardines with onions and capres 8€

Trout tartare 8€

Cold spaghetti with seafood 8€

Green salad with baked chicken breast 10€

Chef's choice of cold appetizers for two persons 19€



Green gazpacho soup 5€

Seasonal soup 5€


Warm appetizers

Grilled langoustine, wild garlic mayonnaise, lemon, chervil 18€

Chantarelle ravioli,pickled chantarelles, mushroom sauce 12€

Gnocchi, rabbit ragout 11€

Linguine, light tomato sauce, anchovies 9€


Main courses

Beef tenderloin, triple cooked chips, rucola 24€

Trout fillet, "spatzle", spring vegetables, butter sauce, chive oil 14€

Baked chicken breast, potato tart with thyme, tomato sauce, basil 18€

Veal winersnitzel, potato salad 18€

Salmon, sesonal vegetables 18€



Chocolare royal, rhubarb 7€

Forest fruits, yoghurt mousse, sorrel 6€

Basil, almonds, coconut 6€

Pavlova cake, sesonal fruits 7€


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