Our story – Skipass


At the very northwest side of Slovenia, in geographically confined area between the Karavanke mountains on the north and the Julian Alps in the south, lies the Upper Sava Valley. In such a beautiful area, where a small town Kranjska Gora is located, you can enjoy beautiful nature. The heritage of nature is amazing; You find here amazing mountains with the legend of “Ajdovska deklica”, the spring of the Sava river in “Zelenci”, Russian Chapel, a small lake “Jasna” ..., which in addition to historical attractions and friendly local people, complete the beauty of this place.



Upper Sava river valley and the Skipass Hotel



The manager of the hotel Mr. Brane Justin opened a turist agency Skipass travel fifteen years ago, with a dream to bring the winter activities closer to the alpine ski lovers.


Through hard work and perseverance, he has earned the trust of business partners in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. So today, 15 years after its founding, Skipass travel is the leading company in the sale of tickets for the ski area of Kranjska Gora, Carinthia(Austria) and Friuli - Venezia Giulia (Italy).
The idea about their own hotel was at the beginnig only a dream. But the dreams were slowly growing into a plan and in December of 2012 the family Justin brought the idea to life. With the Hotel Skipass projet, they gathered together their love for good food, skiing, and tourism.



Hotel Skipass is the embodiment of warmth, cordiality and hospitality. Modern image, comfort, friendliness and great culinary experiences are the characteristics of this family hotel, which offers its guests only the best.

Skipass hotel will always make you feel welcome!

Become a part of the family and share with them the love of nature and gather new strength, recharge the batteries, to return to everyday life. And when you need a break again, remember, you are always welcome here!


This is your home!

Skipass hotel, Borovška cesta 95 4280 Kranjska Gora T: 04 582 10 00, E: info@skipasstravel.si