Allow the skin to breathe and recover


People have always tryed to create heaven on earth. Many of the procedures and the substance are intended for enjoyment and relaxation, in particular maintaining wellness and health . Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said: "Give me the power to create a fever , and I will heal any disease."


In the hotel Skipass you can relax in the infrared sauna, which is a conductor of heat and not air, due to the lower temperature it is safer for people with cardiovascular problems. The elimination of toxins in the infrared sauna is three times higher than in conventional saunas.

For lovers of high temperatures we also have a finnish sauna combination with herbal sauna, which is a combination of dry and wet sauna in one. The normal temperature in the herbal sauna is 50-60 degrees Celsius with humidity of 40 - 60% and also somewhere to substitute Turkish baths. Finnish sauna is a basic type of a sauna with a high temperature (from 70 to 100 degrees C) and low relative humidity (20% to 5 %).





Entry up to 3 hours includes the use of infrared and herbal saunas and Turkish bathrobe and towel, tea, fruit and nuts

1 – 2 pax: 35€
3 – 4 pax: 55€



Skipass hotel, Borovška cesta 95 4280 Kranjska Gora T: 04 582 10 00, E: